Overall Concept

The SWS-HEATING project concept is to develop an innovative Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage (STES) unit with a novel sorbent storage material embedded in a compact multimodular sorption STES unit.  Read more

Project Progress

Work on WP2 – Key Performance Indexes, system and building specifications - is well underway with building typological classification and specific climate

Overall Ambitions

  • Reach compact solutions that can be integrated into new or existing buildings.
  • Potential to reduce system cost up to 20-30% compared to other solar units.
  • Optimised system design and sizing for achieving very high solar fraction. 
  • Validation of the system (TRL5) and preparation of its further development.   Read more


The SWS-HEATING project will develop an innovative seasonal thermal energy storage (STES) unit with a novel storage material and creative configuration, i.e. a sorbent material embedded in a compact multi-modular sorption STES unit. This will allow to store and shift the harvested solar energy available abundantly during the summer to the less sunny and colder winter period thus covering a large fraction of heating and domestic hot water demand in buildings. The targeted benefit of this next generation solar heating technology is to reach and overcome a solar fraction of 60% in central/north Europe, reaching 80% in the sunnier south of Europe, with a compact and high-performing STES system at low cost, realising solar- active houses throughout EU.


Core objective

The core objective of the SWS-HEATING project is to develop a new sorbent material of the SWS family with optimised sorption properties, matching the working conditions of a heat storage cycle with low temperature solar heat charging (70 – 95 °C) to allow efficient application also in less sunny north European countries.

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